• This book is a jewel. Never has a quirky mother-daughter memoir seemed so fresh and entertaining. Everyone will wish they’d had a mother named Babe.
    --Carolyn See, Making A Literary Life

Lessons from Babe

LESSONS FROM BABE is wisdom from a woman of the 20th Century for a daughter in the 21st.  Taken together the fourteen lessons show there’s a celebratory life waiting for each of us—if we embrace it.

I plucked these lessons from the narrative arc of my mother Babe’s life—from her early courtship in her twenties to her last days in her late nineties.  The lessons reveal the evolution of a mother-daughter friendship: a duo that started out in matching gingham sundresses, then went our separate ways (my mantra for years: Lord, I do not want to turn out like that!), only to realize decades later that maybe we weren’t so different after all.

In these entertaining pages Babe emerges as a memorable, colorful character.  My mother was a woman with spunk who drank, danced, and stayed up very late. She was crazy in love with her husband and much livelier than most mothers I’ve known.  I’ve also been told that what sets this book apart from many mother-daughter books is its positive tone.  The book’s positive currency makes me feel happy that as an author I succeeded in capturing Babe and the fabulous lessons she passed on to me, and now to you, our readers.

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